Gibbs Gardens

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This was Round Two for getting used to the new Sony mirrorless.  Gibbs Gardens is located in N GA with seasonal blooms.  I was maybe a week late for prime tulips.  Click any picture for a much larger image (then hit "back" button).  Generally, it's worth it.

Spacing was due to the coronavirus.  All admission tickets were on-line presale, and visitors drop their pass into a bucket, thus resulting in no touching.  Very few people were there, and social distancing was no problem.

Japanese Garden

Tree color wasn't optimal as Spring was just arriving.  The overall tint is more representative of the pine tree pollen which rains on the south this time of year.

This was a good focal depth experiment.  I didn't hit it just right.  Lesson?  Take the time to zoom in on the picture result for verification...

At end of the day, and rare sunlight changed the way the tulips looked.  I took similar pictures earlier, which may have been better, but I butchered the controls.  Glad I figured it out when I did rather than after returning home.

Bonus pix:

I never would have guessed that of our three cats, the plain brown one would be the most photogenic.

Bird feeder on the deck.  Didn't spend a lot of time on this.  Plan to spend a lot more.  It's a fun challenge.

Our deck is littered with tulip poplar droppings.  Time for a macro!  Lesson now learned twice... even when viewing closely, zoom in on the picture to make certain the focus is where you want it.  I just missed the tip of the cone.

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