Old Car City Revisited

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I went to Old Car City back in 2013 (2013?!), with my Nikon D90 and a friend's wide angle lens, which made more of the opportunity than I could have possibly asked.  Equipped with a Sony mirror-less with a superior lens but with less a wide-angle, I returned recently to found out what I didn't know about my new camera and partly to spend time with a friend (just as Covid isolation was deemed a good idea).  There's a clear difference between playing with settings in one's home and actually shooting.  I learned a lot so it was worthwhile.  I was also less interested in the subjects, and post-processed a lot less... because it takes time.  Compare to what I did those years ago. 

Click any picture to enlarge.  It's worth it (and the back button to return).

Generally speaking seven years has made a difference.  The patina isn't quite what it was, and the "wild abandoned" is gradually taking its toll, in this trip particularly with the amount of undisturbed straw on the vehicles.  Also, the thrill of discovery was lacking.  That said, happily I also found an area that, if I'd seen it before, it hadn't been partially flooded.

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