Rollin' Golden Pub - 2019

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For six years we've met monthly in a parking lot, enjoying a "tasting" of beers the members of the Rollin' Golden Pub (RGP) have found in our travels and chosen to share.  2019 has a dual tale of our regular tastings as well as one that I have already summed which was our first group road trip for the express purpose of drinking beer, or, beers.  At their sources.  Portland, ME, we salute you.

In addition to that recap, we also have data.  Including the appetizers we brought with us, the offerings of 13 breweries, one bar, one "greek inspired pork sausage" hot dog lunch spot, and an airport terminal farewell, we enjoyed 81 beers, of which all but five were from Maine.  There you go. 81.  Yep, it's true. Stretch that out over three days, and that's still a lot of beer. 

But, concerned public, we must remind you that 1) no driving was involved 2) all four of us are in the business of managing risk and 3) when we say "tasting" we trust that you understand that the implied quantity is significantly less than a full pour.  Why?  We're still here to tell the tale.  Click the logo below for the full list:

As beer rating sites (Beer Advocate, Rate Beer) are falling out of favor with the voting public due to slow entry into the mobile app wars and/or clumsy interfaces online, we're moving our metrics to the Untappd app.  All things considered, the ratings are somewhat questionable as the ease of rating invites people to rate beers which they know nothing about, whereas BeerAdvocate, for example, very much included a vino snobbery in the ratings and reviews.  Still, we work with what we have. 

Our 81 beers averaged a 3.95 out of 5.0, which equates to a 89 (B+) were it a test score.  That's actually low by RGP standards, but this wasn't a curated "tasting."  This was a "pour us what you've got" tasting, which, in other words, means Portland is a quality beer scene!  For reference, linear regressions, careful analysis and dart throwing resulted in the following scales when Beer Advocate switched their rating methodology a few years ago (and have since returned to their original number scoring).  In any case, for Untappd and RGP use, this still works:

Okay, Portland was the vacation.  Then there's our day job, the grueling life of insurance professionals desperate to escape conference calls to show up at the appointed hour for those monthly escapes in a parking lot.  We were actually down substantially on a percentage basis from past years, with only 14 tastings, our lowest since the year we began.  These included 61 beers with a 4.47 average Untappd rating, our highest ever.  So, call it a quality over quantity year, but, seriously, there hasn't been a disappointing year yet.  Still, a 4.47 vs. the 3.95 at the city with the highest breweries per capita... you can see the value of curated selections.   win-win.

2019's RGP menu can be seen below:

Notables:  The return of Westie XII, 19 beers (31%) from Tree House, and Top 25 Beer Advocate US beers by style:  #6 King Julius, #14 Pliny the Elder, #15 Juice Machine, #19 Double Sunshine and #22 Dinner (Portland trip).  Each of those also placed in the top 25 beers in the world, as well as the Westie XII. 

The only thing that might be improved was.... weather.  The RGP is a perfect tailgate event, and too many tastings were either cold or wet.   Or, hot, even.  In any case, our January 2020 tasting is already in the books and down the road we go! (not literally)

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