Dinosaur Jr. Live at Variety Playhouse

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They come by so often, and this was the trip for me.  Special thanks to an "unreliable" who skipped the concert and freed me for a free ticket.

Who is this man of mystery?

That would be J Mascis.  Their music isn't as much a mystery.  Wiki says "alternative rock, indie rock, and noise rock, also noise poop, hardcore punk and grunge."

Let's see if we can shine a little light on our singer/songwriter/guitarist.

There he is.  I'd just offer that "extraordinarily loud" rock might also apply.  Six Marshall amps? In a wall?  The guy has to be deaf.  I brought hearing protection for this show on a hunch, because I'm not a huge fan, but there's a place and a mood for their music.  I knew when I saw the stage and a lot of younger guys with ear plugs I had made the right choice.

The right choice also was in no small part due to the venue, my favorite, and the local watering holes enjoyed pre-concert. 

I don't really have much to say beyond that.  Down low, it's all guitars, but the band gave an early disclaimer that if you wanted to hear the vocals, you had to back up a bit.  I did after an hour or so, all the way to the back where I took the ear plugs out and... yep, still crazy loud.  It was a near full, enthusiastic crowd, which means they'll be back.

Some photos, then the setlist.

Note the hearing plugs.  They glow in the dark.

Vocals emerge from within

"Forget the Swan" was an awesome closer for the main set.

His solo music is actually quite non-loud.

  • The Lung (You're Living All Over Me - 1987)
  • No Bones (Bug - 1988)
  • In a Jar (You're Living All Over Me - 1987)
  • The Post (Bug - 1988)
  • Left/Right (Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not - 2016)
  • The Wagon (Green Mind - 1991)
  • Pieces (Farm - 2009)
  • Crumble (Beyond - 2007)
  • Feel the Pain (Without a Sound - 1994)
  • Little Fury Things (You're Living All Over Me - 1987)
  • Raisans (You're Living All Over Me - 1987)
  • Start Choppin' (Where You Been - 1993)
  • Freak Scene (Bug - 1988)
  • Mountain Man (Dinosaur - 1987)
  • Forget the Swan (Dinosaur - 1987)


  • Kracked (You're Living All Over Me - 1987)
  • SludgeFeast (You're Living All Over Me - 1987)
  • I Wanna Be Your Dog (The Stooges cover)

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