Portland, ME Photowalk

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And it's already been a while.  Not much to comment on, but this is a beautiful city... in the right weather, which is exactly what we had in June.

Prepping the decks for the daily tourist jaunts into the bay.

Does the appearance of a building influence your buying decisions?

Not in Portland

Hugely popular.

The Thirsty Pig = crafty hot dogs with craft beer

The photo doesn't capture the gentle flowing of the ivy with the breeze - cool, calm, relaxing.

An active port, cruise ship stop, tourist haven, and also site of the brief Battle of Portland in the Civil War.

Tourists needed

Counter arguments?

Brick roads remain where they haven't been covered up.

Has anyone actually tried this fire escape?

Portland could be renamed The Drink Exchange

What to do with those old DVDs...

Novare Res Bier Cafe

Fairly warned.

The lobster industry is thriving.. adjacent to redeveloped condos and restaurants

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