Greta Van Fleet - The Fox Atlanta

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Admittedly to save myself some time, I'll default to Atlanta's music writer, Melissa Ruggieri, for a spot on review of this show (and some good humor besides). 

Greta Van Fleet - jamming in the low light

However derivative they are of Led Zep, this band is really good at it, and their first official CD, Anthem of the Peaceful Army, demonstrates lessons well-learned and applied in a respectful way, but still suiting their own skills.  Josh Kiszka has "the voice" - or particularly, the scream, a la Robert Plant.  His brother, Jake, has developed some really great riffs that rival some of Jimmy Page's, helpfully avoiding the latter's penchant for start/stop phrasings.  Drummer Danny Wagner owns his kit, and pretty well announced the return of rock and roll with a drum solo in their opener, "Safari Song."

Greta Van Fleet - and me settling for my iPhone camera  Bah!

But I suspect the special talent is actually Sam Kiszka, whose bass cleverly drives the songs and whose keyboard playing adds a very helpful element to their sound - sure, just like John Paul Jones did for Led Zep.  Only, as the brothers are 22 years old or so, to my ears, Sam is contributing well beyond his years while Jake is learning to solo and Josh continues to role play, though with the vocal gift that deservedly puts the band on the map. 

I'm looking for more to come from this group, as they demonstrated at the Fox that they've already come a good distance since last year's show at the Shaky Knees festival.  That said, the sound quality was much better at the festival, as both Josh's vocals and the instruments never sorted themselves out aurally, a real disappointment. 

"Highway Tune" - during the scream

Set list:

Safari Song
Black Smoke Rising
Flower Power
You're the One
Age of Man
Black Flag Exposition
Watching Over
Lover, Leaver (Taker, Believer)

When the Curtain Falls
Highway Tune

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