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I’m used to trying breweries before or at the same time as others in my beer enclave.  That was not the case for Florida’s Funky Buddha, at this point perhaps the brewery that competes for thFunky-Buddah-Gear-Patrrole State’s 2nd place in recognition, some distance behind Cigar City.

In any case, better late than never.  This brewery wrestles with the dichotomy of inspired creations and the flight from boredom. My first flight sample intended to satisfy my sweet spot: hoppy drinks.

Below we have, clockwise from the lower left, More Moro Blood Orange IPA (with an orange flavor lacking subtlety and at the cost of any tasted IBUs, but still enjoyable), Cornholio IPA (a surprisingly tasteful beer for one so clear, perhaps due to being brewed corn grits?), Hop Stimulator Double IPA (a fine example of the style), and, a No Crusts Peanut Butter and Jelly Brown Ale.  It doesn’t really have a Gulf oil spill sheen as suggested below – there’s a reflection from the blue lights illuminating the company’s brewery tanks.  It tasted like my wife’s PB&J sandwich, not mine as I prefer more jelly.  To call it a brown ale speaks more to the color, I suppose.  It’s already apparent that this isn’t the place for those yearning for authentic German lagers or is otherwise horrified by adjuncts.


Speaking of those blue lights, here they are, a portion of the production area visible from the bar area.


Back to business.  The second sampler, again starting in lower left, includes one of their staple beers - Doc Brown Ale,  Nikolai Vorlauf Imperial Stout (very good, free of any brewmaster curve balls), 42 Truths Pale Ale (perhaps they were bored making flavored beers and overindulged in the pale) and On Top Blonde, a beer far more suggestive in title than it is in taste, which is regrettably ordinary.


Elsewhere, I tasted the Hop Gun IPA, their flagship IPA, which is suitable at a bar where other local beer offerings are limited, and the Floridian Hefeweizen, which is a style that I don’t favor but a friend who does likes it a lot.  Those with me tried the Blueberry Cobbler Wheat Ale, the Bonita Applebum, and the Pineapple Pilsner among others.  They would probably be happier at a beach rum bar, but perhaps that’s why Funky Buddha frequently shops in the fruit section.  I prefer a hint of these things; the brewery obviously has an audience who prefers bolder tastes. 

This comes from a brewery that doesn’t look funky at all but blends in with the South Florida utilitarian building design approach of “here today, may be gone tomorrow.”


I don’t think they’re going anywhere, given the sizable tasting room and ample offerings.  Overall, I’d expect to find this brewery in Orlando, where the tourists seek the thrill rides, but I guess Ft. Lauderdale shouldn’t be without its own attraction.


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  1. The imperial stout was quite good. The food there, while "pubish", was also quite decent. The real reason to go, IMO, is to try the beers with adjuncts.