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… but it’s something.  A search for a former topic on my blog displayed a bunch of other contexts that I hadn’t expected, specifically sites that track blogs.  So, first some from Google, which hosts the site.


331,000 page views?  Are you kidding me?  39 followers… well, I know six, and the others span the globe.  Speaking of which, it seems people tune in from everywhere.  The below is since I began the blog in 2008.


Now let’s take a look at the last month.  What’s up Russia!  It’s not like it’s winter over there right now.  Go outside and play! 


Now let’s check out my most popular posts.  The Hoover Dam… come on people.  It can be seen anywhere.  Maybe you like the pictures?  Now, Zenith Watches… that’s a fine post.  It is.  And it strongly suggests that I should never allow a friend a “guest spot” position on my blog.  Really, if any friend can get more hits than the other 714 posts that I’ve made…  Go get your own friggin’ blog.  Dan. 


Elsewhere, we learn that “amusedtolife” is too long for a domain name.  Why do I find this out now?  Why didn’t Google tell me this when I set it up?  Thanks for nothing.  Stay tuned for  Not. (Besides, it already exists. That’s why you need more characters in your domain name, folks!)


And here we find that my novice coding actually worked for meta tags.  Maybe I should add others.  Someday I will.  Really.


And, yes, we’re up and running! And in the countless hours of writing 717 posts, I’ve created a value of $1,026!!!  Let’s see that’s… oh.  $1.43 per post.  I’m not going to even bother figuring out what the hourly rate is, but… it’s something.  Only serious offers accepted!  Anyone?


Perhaps the location analysis should be more clearly labeled to reference wherever Google is hosting my server this week.  I’m not in California, folks, but, then… location, location, location.  My blog is probably worth about $650 in Georgia.


And, finally, I’m safe and perfectly reputable.  That’s not something you can find just anywhere these days.


Whoever you folks are, hey.  Maybe comment every once and a while to a post.  It gets lonely in Caligeorgia.

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