Drone Racing

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I somehow came across Quartz, a news/magazine that has a somewhat higher incidence of interesting articles than other sources, and they touch on a wide variety of subjects.  One of those turned out to be drones, those meddlesome toys of inconsiderate people (and potentially terrorists) that are in the news.  As a result of reasoned aggravations, near-misses with commercial flights, and general recognition that there is a utility for drones for those seeking to cause others harCapturem, the FAA now requires that owners register their drones if they weigh more than 5.5 oz.  Other than a drone that tries to control in their house or backyard, that’s pretty much all of them.

They’re loud.  They can be intrusive or invasive even.  But they’re also a boon to photographers and videographers, insurance companies to inspect claims damages in difficult to access areas, farmers for remotely checking crops and fences, realtors for advertising properties, etc.  It’s the typical progression of “Here’s a new thing.  How do I monetize it?”

There are several groups internationally who are promoting drone racing as a sport.  I haven’t tried to fly one, but I enjoy reading Amazon reviews by people who review the product with a judgment reading “It just flew away.  I never found it.”   But technology advances, and for a price the good stuff can be had.   The best video so far was on Quartz, and as I can’t find a way to directly link it, please click HERE.   Besides, it looks great in full screen view.  It’s also a very informative article.  Go ahead, click it.  Otherwise, it’s pointless reading further.

Okay, watched it? I’m left wondering how many slow speed trial runs were allowed for practice, and how many scratch marks there are on the walls and elsewhere from crashes.  Here’s another video at the Drone Nationals – it gives a hint already at how the technology is improving. 


And, for a more real world view, here’s a couple playing with presumably expensive toys, visual signal disruptions and the joy of accidents.  

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