All Them Witches–Dying Sufer Meets His Maker

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Another year comes to a close, and… this just in.  All Them Witches is a Nashville based band that has everything to do with happenstance location and nothing to do with stereotypes.  Dying Surfer Meets His Maker is an odd title but also aptly named.  If you’re thinking sort2015-1-2-2 of a stoner, hippy, psychedilc sound based on the “Surfer,” you may be right.  If you’re thinking of the Silver Surfer and a jam band that makes the sounds for traveling through space to an ill end, you may be right.  I’ll tend with the latter, due to the band’s motif of “stars.”

This is an interesting album, one that improves with each listen and one that fares best when heard as a whole.  I’m undecided on “El Centro,” that promises much with a Black Rebel Motorcycle Club aggression, heavy, dark and ponderous.  But at 8:25 in length, I expect it to go somewhere.  This varies a little but never has a payoff.  Maybe hippies like it that way.  To me, it whets the appetite but ends up sounding like filler.  Skipping that song, though, what an enjoyable album this is, part instrumental jamming, part tightly writen song structures, with obtuse lyrics or spoken word passages that suggest a liveable disappointment regarding an acknowledged but inaccessible god… maybe. 

Whatever.  The music is great, and this album is built to be heard as a whole.  There are highlights, certainly. “Mellowing,” an acoustic instrumental, is where the album begins to soar.  This serves as a beautiful prelude to “Open Passageways,” one of the album’s two standout tracks.  Similarly, the curiously titled “Instrumental 2 (Welcome to the Caveman Future)” serves as a preparation for “Talisman,” the song that captures the spirit of the whole endeavor perfectly. 

I’m hoping this CD will keep my interest, and as their limited past recordings suggest, they’re already evolving, developing an intentional focus.  I want to hear more.

Suggested: “Talisman” and “Open Passageways”

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