Sycamore Brewing


Charlotte keeps adding quality breweries, and/or there’s another quality brewery to sample with every visit, it seems.  Personally, even though Asheville claims itself to be a beer capital (with some stature by Sierra Nevada and New Belgium, large craft breweries who have built regional facilities), I favor what Charlotte has going on by a wide margin.  Sycamore Brewing, like so many in Charlotte, occupies an old building that lies within convenient rich of young and the restless who are reclaiming old and worn out parts of town and making them hip.  All of which is to say that suburbia doesn’t stand a chance against pseudo in-town living when it comes to ease of access to cool places like this.


Sycamore doesn’t strive after a particular style of beer and offers a varied lineup.  Several weeks ago, they just won a bronze medal for its “Southern Girl Lager” at the insanely competitive Great American Beer Festival… which I might have tried, but I visited before the competition.


I opted for a “flight” sampler, including the Countryside IPA, Countryside IPA, Peak Farm DIPA, Foxhound American Ale,  and the Salty Coconut Red Ale.  The IPA underwhelmed but was more than made up for by the DIPA, which was excellent. This is why you try samplers, right?  The Foxhound is the redder beer, and it was good in every respect.  The Red Ale was not as black as the picture suggests, and it was my favorite of the batch, with good hops and a sweetness perhaps from coconut, but certainly not an aroma.  Really good variety here.



Like breweries everywhere, it seems, they draw a crowd on weeknights, and I’ll plan on returning again for my two favorites and to sample others.  Nice venue, good vibe.



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  2. It was fate to come here at this place. It really paves the way for me to want to go out more. I was fortunate enough to have seen this excellent place with my friends. The entire Chicago event space feel warm and intimate.