Maine Brewing Company

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In driving down the Maine coast from Bar Harbor to Portland, and beyond, I had this brewery on my list of possibilities, depending on other stops and the overall progress being made towards our destination.  Interestingly enough, while Maine has ample natural beauty, US 1, which in a general sense follows the Maine coastline, doesn’t explode with photographic opportunities.  Hence, time for a stop.


There are so many breweries that make good beer that it hardly matters where one stops anymore.  There’s always something decent if not very good.  Still, Maine Brewing has established a reputation  that is on average significantly better than most, and I’d liked the ones I had tasted so far.

Maine Brewing Company

The facility appears new, and it’s surprisingly accessible to Hwy 1 and I-295.  It’s ridiculously easy to get to.  They don’t offer tours, so the tasting room is really as much as you’ll see, except they kindly provide a window looking into their production space.


I keep taking pictures or production spaces… why?  Maybe you haven’t seen one before.  In any case, it looked, as you can see, bright and clean.  Check.  In the absence of a tour, the owners still put their stamp on the place.


For all of that, I have to wonder whether any beer drinkers choose their beers based on environmental commitments.  Most breweries are environmentally sensitive, but they may not directly advertise it.  Being a good steward doesn’t make a better product though, so I’ll have to take a raincheck on whether the self-promotion yields tangible results.  In any case, as their saying goes, they “do what’s right,” especially where it matters.  Nice seating area, simple menu, polite staff (the one on the right is from Woodstock, GA, filed in the “it’s a small world” category.)  Maybe it was the employee benefits that called him 1200 miles away.


In any case, time was pressing, so… three samples, two for me and one for my daughter (less a sip).  Included were Peeper Ale and Another One IPA.  They were both good, with Peeper edging the IPA surprisingly.  The best, though was Mean Old Tom stout, which isn’t a favorite style for me.  It should also be stated that I had their Lunch IPA the day prior which surpassed this grouping significantly.


I didn’t see a menu, but if I had an afternoon to spend on a fine fall day, I think the pretzels would be a must.  I could take a moment and wonder what it might be like to live near a brewery like this, absent the traffic snarls of the big city and within easy reach.  But I already have a fine nearby brewery and… it goes to show that these are much more enjoyable visits with someone you know.  (Thanks, kiddo.)


Regrettably, their Dinner IPA, which scores 100 on Beer Advocate, is brewed quarterly and only served on-site.  A month later, and I might have scored.

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