DragonCon 2015–Costumes

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Once again we skipped the Dragon*Con parade, opting for a theoretically less occupied Vendor’s mart.  Both were relocated from the previous year including a longer route and larger space, respectively.  Both are miserable.  I suppose we’ll move to Sundays for the Vendors area, as it was less crowded then.  Other than attending panels, what is left is to find the many costumed attendees, when available between the pushing and shoving of the most popular (read: oversold) day of the Con.  Anyway, here’s my favorite, Golden Age Flash.  Simple, classic lines, with a touch of enthusiasm.DCon2015-193

I attended the “Arrow” panel, and those words are chosen appropriately.  I can say that I saw Stephen Amell, the actor who plays Arrow, but is it really worth saying that from this distance?


So, standing in line for an hour and a half for that placement is possibly a rant, but it’s also the reason I was able to stand in one place and take pictures, namely to the many who gathered in line after me and who were pointed “that way, down the steps, around the corner, to the end of the “Arrow” line.”  This volunteer was not particularly adept at it, and everyone around me agreed that the official line somehow got much, much longer than when we entered it.   Rant over.DCon2015-130


Here’s some photos from the steps.  First, a massive Chewbacca, who had no problems handling the stairs.  And at least he has a storm trooper to fall on for cushioning


Some might say Thor.  I say it’s Aragorn dressed like Thor as a disguise from Orcs.  So, Arathor.  Or, Thoragorn.


Don’t know the character, but very well done.


Not everyone can pull off wearing Capt. James T. Kirk’s alternate green tunic.  In fact, no one can.


Sometimes, amid the gazillion people brushing by, you can’t get that perfect photo.  And other times, you just barely wing it, shooting from the hip.  On an escalator.


The real McCoy. Err, Scotty.


Yes indeed.


These are the rest of 2015’s batch of costumes are at Flickr.

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