Bottle Logic, Anaheim, CA

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My research for breweries in the area that I might visit landed on Bottle Logic, which was further validated by others I had mentioned it to while visiting the area. 


It’s yet another brewery with a growing reputation for quality and experimentation, already firmly on the map despite being open for little over a year.  Aside from a good logo, their choice of holders for beer flights was inspired.  It’s amazing how much thought has to go into building both a brewery and a tasting room – and getting it right the first time.


Here I tried Ocularity (truly excelent),  Double Actuator Double IPA (excellent), Hoverboard Session IPA (uninspired) and Starquake Porter (okay).  It was a case of diminishing returns, but they really have the DIPAs down.  The brewer has experience both at Sam Adams and Stone, so whether a mainstream or adventurous offering, he’s probably up to the task.


It’s still early in the company’s history, but aside from the beer, the best thing they have going that the other breweries I visited during the week did not is this lady, who manages their social networking and… I don’t know what else.  But in addition to serving the beers, she’s sociable, even while applying labels to mini-growlers.


The beer makes a difference, but the people who represent the brewery matter as much as the vibe of the tasting room.  She knew about all the upcoming beers and cask aged projects (tequila and rum barrels) and was happy to share the news.  They scored aces  with her, and I wish staff at the other breweries were as personable.  That said, most of the others were too busy to chat.  In any case, all the breweries I visited would do well to offer planned brewery tours more frequently, where their origins and vision could be better shared than on spiffy looking but staid text websites.


It made for an enjoyable outing, and I really, really liked their retro designs for several of their beers.



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