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Orpheus Brewing is a newcomer to the Atlanta market at 13 months of operation, and on the strength of their Transmutation of the Souls IPA, I thought it was worth a visit.


Located almost adjacent to Piedmont Park, it’s accessible via the Beltline trail system, but, despite a nice multilevel deck to the rear, it doesn’t really offer a view.  And, on those days when the heat and humidity inside the brewery make it uncomfortable, this sunny gathering area fails to provide much relief or a view.  On other days, it’s probably pretty nice.  But on the day it mattered, environmentally, it was a pretty miserable day for a brewery tour for myself and my friends.


And, here was the lineup for the day:


Let’s see… tart, sour, sour, Saison, DIPA, IPA and a stout.  That’s probablyl not the product mix of the vast majority of breweries, and for chasing the edges of consumer preferences, they should be commended.  But as for my group of 8 adventurers, we’ll look elsewhere.  I’ll say that I do like their DIPA very much and wouldn’t hesitate to order it in a restaurant.  The stout was fine, and the rest was a miss.  And… I’m the one who liked it the most.



The production facility is limited in size and capacity, as expected for a brewery that expects to operate in the 3500 to 6000 barrel/year range.  The tour was fairly limited as a result, but that’s okay.  It was informative both for their origin and (sour) vision.


They had numerous barrels, from a variety of sources.  Some will become a Russian Imperial Stout, but most are for the sour beers.  The small plastic plugs at the top are to allow carbon dioxide to escape, as sours are made with active fermentation.  Without a relief valve, they’d blow.


Overall, Orpheus has a unique place in the local market because they make different products than the others in the area, but as my tastes favor non-sours, I’ll look elsewhere for the perfect Atlanta made beer.

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  1. You should mention that it certainly was well visited by the locals. Oppressive heat or not, they had a turn out!

    The DIPA was good and the stout was not bad. I was intrigued by the sours and probably should have hit the tour. Problem is, when I used to brew at home, a sour meant something had gone wrong. So I was amused that they had so many!