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Well, this was a disappointment.  It’s not the brewery’s fault.  Cambridge Brewing enjoys a fine reputation and makes very good beers which are available in Georgia.  So, while visiting my daughter, who lives in Cambridge, this visit seemed obvious.  The brewery is located in an unlikely location for a company that brews and bottles.  A bank is located in the same building, and two restaurants are adjacent.  But, it’s Cambridge, an expensive, densely packed zip code.  So, you put a brewery where you can.


Only, I’m looking at things backwards, from the standpoint of someone who expects, on whatever scale, a priority towards production (but still craft) brewing.  This is a brewpub, one that somewhere along the way decided to start distributing its beers more formally.  On a Saturday night, it’s busy enough that you can’t hear yourself think, due mainly to the normal din of people enjoying dinner in a room ill equipped to absorb sound.   Sure, there’s a formal bar, and a chalkboard shows the daily brew.  There are even a couple of view panels to observe into the production space.  But, if you want to learn anything about the brewery or its beers, you have to ask.


That’s not unreasonable, only, everyone available for asking is focused on serving food, hurriedly.  Hey, it was a crowed place, at peak hours.  It looked kind of like their mural, which includes celebrities with a connection to the Boston area as well as their patrons and staff.  Jimmy Fallon, Ben Affleck, Bill Murray, Neil Degrasse Tyson… though, beer in hand or not, I’m not sure where Obama resides in local lore.


Here’s a glimpse of the brewery, perhaps indicating why there’s no mention of tours.


A bit clearer view.


So, I sampled the Charles River Porter (solid), Red God (double red ale with 7 hop varieties), and Mahatma Blondhi Belgian Blonde.  Each good.  And I’d rather drink each one from one of their bombers or in a bar with beer enthusiasts.  Or, theirs, at a quieter time.

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