A Prudential View of Boston

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Not quite a providential view, but… maybe at sunrise or sunset.  A couple hundred years ago, I’d imagine people would think just that.

Technically the Skywalk Observatory, Boston’s Prudential building has set aside it’s 50th floor for a view of the city.  For those interested in some of Boston’s history and notables, there are exhibits to that end.  But, it’s the view you’re paying $17 for.  And it’s a good one, when skies are clear.  Photos… not so exciting.  So, I figured I’d torture them a bit.




Across the Cambridge River lies M.I.T., with the ugliest dorm in the world at the left edge and their central academic building at the right.


Here’s a closeup of the historic academic building.  Within, the central corridor running left to right in the picture below is called the “infinite corridor,” measuring almost three football fields long.  It connects the east and west portions of the campus.


Meanwhile, in the city, Bostonians are kind of packed together.  Still, the buildings have their charm, it’s never oppressive, and people are always actively milling around (in good weather, anyway).


And, here’s one without the computer alterations… just for a clearer view of what you see.


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