Burnt Hickory Brewing 3rd Anniversary

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Burnt Hickory Brewing doesn’t hold “tours” weekly like most, and I happened to stumble across their 3rd anniversary event (if you “Like” them on Facebook, you’ll have notice of their roughly monthly events).   After trying to drum up some company for this, the forecast arrived consistently indicating 100% chance of rain for the week prior.  Still, I have a rain jacket.  What the heck.  And with that bit of determination, I was imagining all the people who with the same intel would be crossing it off of their list.  Only, I was far from alone.  And, of course, the forecast was wrong.

Yep, a line.


So, here’s the map to the treasure.


And here’s the guide to the loot to be found.


The above list has a lot of creatively named beers, possibly named after song titles or lyrics, and their beer flavors are just as off-center as their names.  Burnt Hickory likes to experiment.  So, $10 later, a pint glass and 6 “sample tickets” in hand, off I go hunting for what ales me.  Below is the creekside tent, with an obvious “we’ll make this work” dispensing system.


First up was The Didjits Blood Orange IPA, ranked #25 in Paste Magazine’s blind taste test of 116 IPAs.  There were some stellar beers ranking lower, and to my taste, this was interesting and good, but not a champion.


Others sampled included the Cannon Dragger IPA (by far my favorite), Old Wooden Head Imperial IPA (2nd place), Killboy Powerhead Orange Creamsickle IPA (eh, no.) and the Big Shanty Graham Cracker Stout (pictured below) which was pretty enjoyable.  I had a sixth ticket, but… I didn’t really need it.  More to be told below.  Burnt Hickory is a small brewery, located in a small suburb of Atlanta, a town which by law, anyway, everyone is required to own a gun.  The brewery has its fans, scoring a very high average  of 4.39 out of 5 score on the Beeradvocate rating site.   Their employees either vote regularly or people really, really like their beers.  I’d put myself in the category of “pleasantly surprised,” and I liked several of the style (ales) that I favor.  I’d probably try others if I revisit on another event day.


They had some type of band playing within the brewery.  I never heard vocals, and I didn’t hear much of them, really.  It’s a small place.


Below was “Tap Box Two” pouring station, obviously in keeping with current events.  And, there was free candy.


Below were various costuming gimmicks for a photo booth.


Who needs props for a photo?


Well, maybe we do.  In any case, they were popular.


Here’s “The Rowdy” pouring station.  Beer was offered in so many unusual varieties that “necessity is the mother of invention” may well be the name of one of their next beers.


Below was “The Cask Hole” pouring station.  Going, going, gone.


I tried the Crop Circle Atomic Fireball Charred Walls of the Damned Quad, and forgot to turn in my ticket.  This was essentially a Belgian quad severely compromised with the flavor of cinnamon.  Points for trying, though!  Below, you can see that the crowd was pretty sizable, and this remains a minority view.

untitled-42Best T-Shirt of the event:


And then this guy happened along, toting a few remaining ounces of Toppling Goliath’s Pseudo Sue Pale Ale, from Iowa (of all places), but notably ranked at 100 by both Beer Advocate and Ratebeer.  I couldn’t turn that down.  And, go figure, Iowa’s got a beer worth tasting.  And the brewery is in Decorah.  Yeah, I had to check the spelling. Never heard of it.


Turns out this guy is in a bourbon buying club where they buy a barrel, then split the bottles between members.  There are packages going around the country for his 30 or so member group, and they send along beers from their respective areas as well.  I mentioned my smaller Rollin’ Golden Pub group was working on all 50 States, and he asked, “Got Ohio?”  We did, but he was already running to a secret stash and returned with Galaxy High, from MadTree Brewing in Cincinnati which he shared with us.  This 10.2% ABV scores a very respectable 95 and 98, respectively, at the aforementioned rating sites.  That was quite the bonus round.


The good news was, of course, that I arrived with a full stomach and took my time with these, lest I set a bad example for my kids or inflame my insurance company’s desire for my cash.

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  1. Good reads! Hope you were carrying. Your compatriot looks like he hasn't worked since the beginning of the year! ;-)