Let’s Put Time on Hold.


This year’s Academy Awards was a bit of a bore, and I didn’t make it through to the end.  Why bother watching? It’s a tradition (87th), and it’s a rare specimen, of sorts, of the elegance that had its place in society before the ‘70’s said “blue jeans for everyone.”  I also enjoy the In Memoriam segment, not to be maudlin, but to appreciate what people accomplished but also in a generational sense.

I watched plenty of old movies when I was a kid, but I never really focused on the celebrities involved.  Through the years, the In Memorium segment was a reminder of an earlier generation.  Old People.  People my parents grew up watching. 

In this and recent years, that can’t be said any more.   Lauren Becall, Mickey Rooney, Louis Jourdan – old timers.  I liked their work, but without any emotional tie in.  James Garner – shared, thanks to “The Rockford Files.”  Robin Williams?  Definitely my generation, but with a sizable asterisk that leaves me shaking my head more than feeling a loss. 

But, Leonard Nimoy, dead at 83.  He’s certainly old enough for my parents generation, but his popularity was fully within mine.  This kind of thing is going to start hurting.


  1. Dude, you are going to make me cry.

  2. I know where you are coming from. It makes me wonder how my parents feel seeing all of their stars fade away. Bogey & Wayne? Sure they smoked and that got them. But as the years go, soon there won't be much to relate to. Nimoy was a loss. Glad I saw him live.