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So, I’m fairly pleased with my graphic exercise in my last post.  I see ample creative pictures on Facebook or other places, often leaving a head-scratching “Who took the time to make that?” – never mind so quickly to keep it current with world events.  For what I had in mind, I didn’t bother searching for a ready-made image.

So, a brief session of searching for the ingredients.  Gollum, holding a ring - and I have to admit that I pretty much pictured this scene before I started looking for it. 


And a suitable watch or clock face.


So, how is such a thing done without learning Photoshop?  Well, a $2.99 app on my iPhone will do the trick.  It’s called Juxtaposer, and it’s pretty dang easy (other than finding the images from which you want to make a composite.)  The same company made Color Splash, a selective color desaturater, which I’ve had on my iPhone seemingly forever and used maybe twice.

download (1)

So, let’s view it step by step. You’re presented with your layers (there are only 2 available, but you can merge a final image, substitute that for the “Background,” and repeat with a new “Top Image”).


You touch the layer, and the menu prompts for you to locate the file that you want.


After finding both layers, this is what you have.


Clicking the “Top Image” puts it in the primary working space.  As seen below, the image, the Move button allows you to shift the image around and contract or expand it.


I want just the watch face, so I’ll expand the image thus:


Then, after clicking the “Erase” button, I swipe my finger across the image and “poof!” it’s gone.


With continued care, and occasional use of the “Unerase” button to put back what I accidentally erased, I begin to whittle the image away.  It’s fairly easy and doesn’t take much time.  Back to the “Move” button to shrink or rotate the image and size it to fit the ring.  Obviously, I haven’t finished erasing the edges.  Just pretend.


Now to go to the editing options at the top of the screen.


A simple slide of the opacity adjustment… 


… and Gollum is looking through precious time, which seemed appropriate.  After finding the photos, the actual manipulation took maybe 10 minutes, including the learning curve.


The website describes the features in more detail, though their intended audience is either kids who want to make fun of kids or parents who want to embarrass their kids.  I suppose I’ll get around to the latter, later.

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