When News is Indoctrination

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The headline says, “Companies reap big tax savings from executive stock awards.”

Now, be honest.  What’s your read on this? You can take it several ways:

1) Factually.  Companies realize tax savings by providing stock awards to their leaders.  Yes, they do, and I’m certain the legitimacy of the action is buried somewhere within the IRS tax code, just as are other payroll expenses.

2) The rich just get richer.  It’s unfair that executives, who are already paid so much more than the 99%, get stock awards.  Worse, their company benefits by doing so.

3) Let them eat cake!  Companies intentionally pay their executives big bucks with the intent to deprive the citizenry from the funding that should rightfully fall to the government to redistribute. 

Sure, I’m picking this apart, but the headline was worded specifically to attract the attention of readers by inviting their interest.   To sum all three, companies reduce their tax burden by paying their executives beyond their base salary, thereby reducing the income to our deficit-challenged government.

The introductory paragraph is as follows:

Georgia’s biggest companies saved at least $2.1 billion on federal taxes over the last five years by awarding their top executives and other employees billions of dollars of stock awards, according to an Atlanta Journal-Constitution analysis.

Yep, a (likely) factual story intro.  But I already know the ending.  Now, who wants to pay the AJC for the “insider” scoop on how we should be up in arms about this?  Maybe if I got a tax deduction for it, I’d go for that.  But it would be wrong to support such a large corporation who gives bonuses to their executives.

P.S. Click the picture for a history lesson.

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