Look at the Red Tree!

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Visiting my daughter, it was time to find boots for her first winter in the Boston area.  These would be, first, “winter” boots presumably tall enough to prevent snow from entering, waterproof, and as soft, warm and cuddly as a kitten within.

The day started off as a beautiful autumn New England day, so nice that the city sidewalks were full of bicyclists and jogging bunnies.  Below is the Charles River, which divides Boston from Cambridge.  We walked across the bridge, which is wider than it seemed.

After lunch, purchasing said boots, and checking out Newbury Comics, the view looked like this:


Not trusting my iPhone’s pedometer, MapQuest suggests we walked about 7 miles for... boots.  Anyone who wants undistracted quality time with their child (or parent), go shopping for boots in Boston.

Womens Timberland 8-Inch Boots Gray

After finding these 1.73 miles into our trek, we continued to search for other options before returning to get them.  This took us, twice, through Boston Common, Boston’s principal downtown park.  It’s the oldest park in the U.S., and occupies about 50 acres.  It is in good condition, but it’s also well worn.

So, we’re walking along, and there’s all these people, picking up red leaves under a tree that has nearly found the end of its season.  They’re treating the leaves like they’re the strangest and most unique thing that nature might ever produce.  Selfies all around!  Ooh, and what a cute squirrel! 

Seriously, the cameras come out for Boston’s RED TREE, including the DSLRs.  They should rename their baseball team.

Upon the return trip, we observed a mom with a stroller excitedly instructing her uncomprehending infant, saying “Look at the Red Tree!”


Sorry.  But, it makes you wonder if these people ever leave the City limits or have ever heard of New England’s fall foliage.  Nature at its finest?   Given the numerous squirrels and ducks, the only wild life observed were the grade school kids running amok.

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  1. All right, I will have to admit I am impressed. Darn nice looking boots! She's a lucky gal!