Heist Brewery, Charlotte, NC

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I’ve enjoyed Charlotte’s breweries, and Heist was the final brewery (at this moment) in the NoDa area that I hadn’t visited.  To my knowledge, this is more aptly named a brewpub, in that they serve food and don’t sell their product elsewhere.  I think.


A number of people were enjoying the outdoor weather, but the indoors is downright inviting.  With a bar and tables spaced graciously, they offer a handful of their own beers and a full bar service.


I scanned their beer offerings and opted, as usual, for the hoppiest option, their Hitchhiker’s Guide, which was pretty tasty and compares favorably against most IPA’s I’ve had.



Their menu can be seen at their website, with a variety of tapas styled offerings (the online menu appears slightly out of date).  I opted for their burger offering which was even better than my high regard for the beer.  These were really awesome burgers, cooked to perfection, and for their small size, were surprisingly moist.  See?


Fortunately, I asked about side dishes, and the waitress offered something similar to a tater-tot, but so much better.  This wasn’t on the menu.

That left beer #2, which, despite the list above, I went out of the box and asked if they had anything remaining from their most recent Sunday “not so small batch.”  They did, and it was called “Holy Mole” – a porter brewed with Ancho chilies, habanero peppers and organic cocoa nibs.  


It reminded me of a lesson I learned at Holy City Brewing:  Avoid beer with hot spices.  It’s amazing how something I like so much in my food has no place in my drink.

Heist was a great place for dinner and beer, and I’ll return again.  It’s a nice combination of high quality food and beer.  My only complaint?  The Gamecocks picture in the kitchen.  I guess it inspires them to search for something greater.


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