Clemson vs. Boston College

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With a daughter in the Boston area, Clemson’s bi-annual football schedule makes this a “natural” road game to see... even if I rarely go to home games.

Boston is an interesting city.   It’s main differences from Atlanta are its history (it didn’t begin with a spike in the ground to mark a railroad crossing...), it’s awesome transit system, its numerous colleges and universities, and its multicultural mix.  It also gets bonus points for being a city where being downtown at night isn’t a scary proposition.

It takes about a 45 minute transit ride to get to Boston College from Cambridge, and would be much faster if not for stops at Boston University every few hundred yards.  But that’s a distraction, this is game day, and... hey, where are all the people walking around with their team gear?

Well, we see a couple of people in Boston College shirts – an inconspicuous yellow with the school name written on them.  Elsewhere, there’s a lot orange.  Clemson travels well.  And orange is very conspicuous.

We arrive at BC, and Boston’s multiculturalism is a not-so-distant memory.  Welcome to a Catholic university.  The campus is divided by Commonwealth Ave. roughly splitting it, so we only toured about half.  But it’s a very pretty, neatly arranged campus.


And they don’t hide their faith.

“Right and justice are the pillars of Thy throne”


“You have come to know the Truth and the Truth will set you free”


“Fear of the Lord is true wisdom and true learning”


... and it’s mostly used for offices.  I wonder when some non-religious student will file a lawsuit for offending religious sensibilities.

A fairly centrally located statue of St. Ignatius, founder of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits)... who also happened to found the school in 1863.


The central quad of the campus is located atop a hill, and a walkway winds down to the area where the stadium is located.


The stadium is curiously arranged.  To access the upper deck, you enter the lower deck, walk up, go through a doorway to a rear walkway, then go out through a different doorway to find the seats.  It’s not exactly designed for emergency egress.


So, here we are for their Homecoming weekend, kickoff is minutes away, and the seats are not so full.  By the end of the first quarter, their fans would finally show up.  It’s a 3:30 kickoff... they’re just getting out of bed?  But there’s orange scattered everywhere.


As such things go, either team deserved to win the game, or lose it.  Regardless, their fans were exceedingly polite.  Clemson’s were as well, seemingly muted without the queues that would normally be provided by the Tiger Band, who were absent.


Despite periods of offensive futility and/or incompetence, Clemson prevailed 17-13.


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