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While visiting Charlotte, I had time for one (1) brewery visit.  Like most cities, the options for craft brewing is expanding.  Geography plays a part in narrowing the choices, as do published hours of operations.  NoDa Brewing won on two additional accounts:  a scheduled brewery tour on a Tuesday (as opposed to just an open tap room) and a variety of beers that largely fall exactly within my taste buds – hoppy beers and Belgians.

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The brewery is named due to their location, North Davidson Street, an area rediscovering itself as it moves from blight to eclecticism.  How long they remain there is open for speculation.  Additional fermenters were being for squeezing into the building, but after that, the lot doesn’t have much room for expansion.  Business is booming, even for a brewery with a self-described distribution of a 30 mile radius of Charlotte.  It’s all they can do to keep up, and for good reason.  They make excellent beer.

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The left column is their regular offerings, and the right column lists their seasonals.  These are enjoyed in a very nice tap room, one that had a surprising number of people for a Tuesday night.   Based on the geographic spread of the visitors on the tour (~20 with only a couple of locals), I’d wager that the Tuesday tours makes a difference (most were outside on patio when I took the picture below).

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The tour was informative, and, as such things go, a humorous and patient endeavor. 

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The group asked several fairly specific brewing questions, and Head Brewer Chad stepped in frequently to clarify or otherwise steal the limelight from Tyler, the titular tour guide, whilst going about his work.

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So, they make “high hops high alcohol beers.”  That’s not a narrow goal.  Their Hop, Drop, N’ Roll IPA finished first out of 224 entries at the World Beer Cup (235 countries represented across categories).  I had a pint of this and would have brought home a 4-pack, but they were sold out.   It was very tasty, without being too bitter or too adulterated.

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Other discussions regarded what makes “skunky” beer (lack of air tight seals, UV light), the emergence of canning as a suitable container for craft beer, and their use of a mobile canning company that can process 34 cans per minute.  I think that statistic plus the recognition of their flagship beer explains why they were out of stock of 4-packs...  and the 30 mile radius.  Growth is imminent for NoDa.

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The flight ($7) above consists, L-R, of Haulin’ Oats Hoppy Saison, Triumphant Belgian Styled Trippel, Ghost Hop White IPA, and CAVU American Blonde Ale (named for the aviation term, Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited). 

I would say “if only they provided food, I could stay for hours.”  They typically have a food truck, located just outside.  I opted for the nearby Cabo Fish Taco instead, which was excellent.

NoDa was a very worthy stop, and, in my estimation, better than any of the Atlanta breweries I’ve visited.

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  1. Wish I still lived in Charlotte, but that area always reminded me of why we have carry permits. Glad to see that it is trying to be different. Almost makes me wonder that, after having grown up in Charlotte, I don;t go back to see how it has improved/changed/fallen apart (pick your opinion).