Black Market Bar, again.

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Well, I suppose my days of extolling the Trashcan Burger at Birmingham’s Black Market Bar are at an end due to business responsibility changes.  But here’s some photos of the “you can tell us one ingredient you don’t want, the rest is up to us” burger.


These are from their Southside location, rather than Inverness.  It’s more spacious and draws a later crowd.


The below has bacon, a cabbage slaw of some sort, pineapple, and...


... underneath there’s a slice of ham, jalapenos, and I’d say a bit of a sweet salsa.


This one was a knife and fork treat.  No raw onions was the request, so the scallions are kind of a “screw you” from the cook.  There’s rice and beans, jalapenos, and a thin fried layer of, I think, pork.  They never promise a bun, folks.


A Texas toast burger, which may have had a little syrup to go with the breakfast theme.  Jalapenos, bacon... it’s all good.


I don’t remember what was on this one, but it simpler than most.


If you should ever visit Birmingham, I highly recommend it!

5 of 5 STARS

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