Christmas 2013

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Black Friday put Thursday to the test
Deals led families to a state of unrest

Gone are the stations with the month of carols
Offering Cyrus and Bieber as your holiday perils

Salvation Army ringers are looking for quarters
Card carrying shoppers give to the importers

The CEO closed the year with “Happy Holidays”
The Bible and A&E all but parted ways

Target’s seasonal colors are green and blue
The new LED lights lack a traditional hue

The kids are grown and past their days of wonder
Santa won the battle for a Day of Plunder.

The public tolerates a savior unseen and muted
But naming Him publicly is clearly unsuited

I’m wondering just what the future might bring
As fewer find their knees for the King of Kings

I passed a saying on a Day Care marquee
That I really hadn’t dwelt on hitherto
It’s not just about the birth of Christ, few see
”The reason for the season is you”

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