Inman Park Parade 2012

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My wife has periodically been an arts exhibitor at this annual festival, which, as much as any, is a celebration of the diversity that exists in the City of Atlanta, “diverse” being a naturally occurring cross section beyond Human Resources definitions or political agendas.   This year, we visited the festival without the business preoccupation.   


Atlanta’s firs planned suburb, Inman Park features ample homes of architectural interest (emphasis on Victorian), which leads to an annual Tour of Homes conducted at the same time.  Below is the rear of “The Trolley Barn,” designed in 1880 during which the area was planned and developed, which marked the end of the trolley line from Atlanta.  


The neighborhood fell into decline for decades, during which older homes were demolished and the area was zoned for commercial expansion.  At least one commercial building contributes a sense of humor.  Residential revitalization has been ongoing for over 30 years.


Aside from the Tour of Homes, the Inman Park Festival includes arts, music, food, other “buy/sell” vendors, and a parade.


Most artists do NOT appreciate photos being taken of their work.  Inspiration is one thing, but copying is another, and artists are often distrustful of some who are paid to export fresh ideas to foreign countries for mass production.   Others, like Mike Snowden, have no problem with photos.  Just ask the vendor.


In addition to artists who create and numerous resellers who buy imports and resell, there are also a good number of vendors who find eclectic oldies and offer them for sale.


Street musicians were surprisingly sparse.


Although the festival booths spread out in the area, this is the main street, shot literally minutes before the parade began. 


The parade includes a colorful band of residents, but otherwise it’s a mystery.  Marching bands and dance groups, of course.  Politicians?  Unfortunately.  “Colorful” pretty much encompasses everything else.  This year’s stars were, in my opinion, Elvis and the digs at The Secret Service’s extracurricular activities.

It’s a very well attended event.  Note:  Due to limited parking and horrendous traffic afterwards, this is one of those occasions where Marta is actually worth the hassle, as there is a station at one end of the festival.

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