What’s in Your Backyard?

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With a spouse who has an Economic Zoology (wildlife management) degree and boards2a heavy lean towards the artistic, I finally came up with an original idea for a Christmas gift. 
As it happens, our back yard is a magnet for animals, as a river is a natural barrier to wildlife, further evidenced by a worn path that hints at regular traffic. 
Further, our dogs bark at night when we put them on the deck.  They’re not just barking to be let in faster, right?  Surely, there’s something out there.
That’s a trail camera, used by hunters to monitor feed lots or other areas where they want to scout the type of animal activity that passes through.  Battery powered, with a 8MB SD memory card.   The camera is motion activated, with a 45’ range, taking 3 shots when triggered.  It can take video, which we may yet do.
So, let’s see what’s out there.
You would probably expect deer.  Not a bad photo. 

There were tons of photos that featured slowly migrating deer.  Not exactly exciting.  Feeding deer, still deer, deer tails, deerleted.  On my computer anyway.

Off to the right on the next photo is the tell-tail sign of raccoon.

The pictures at night get an assist from an invisible LED flash.  Cool, eh?  Well, how about a fox?

We think it’s a fox, anyway, based on this and other motion blurred pictures.  Or, do we have foxes?  A few days later… may be the same… maybe not.

Or, it could be a dainty coyote, unlike the following:


That’s not a dainty coyote. A close-up reveals that we have rabbits as well.  Or had.

And, finally, we have a surprising addition, a bobcat.


Those are spots, not just a grainy shot.  And all of this in a suburb of Atlanta, on a cul-de-sac lot in a regular ol’ neighborhood.  You just never know.

Now, if we can just get the bobcat, or fox, to strike a pose.  Silly deer.


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