A Boys Night Out, v 2.0

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This the first of two posts that touch on the passing of time.  Three years ago, my concert buddy and other friends went out for an evening of middle-aged revelry, not that we were all middle-aged.  But it was the mature type of outing that involved burgers, beer, and music.  Actually, that sounds pretty good for all (legal) ages.

But it was three years ago.

The obvious (to me) implication was that it shouldn’t take as long as it seems to for people to get together and do things that they enjoy.  There are always reasons, and priorities win out.  The same day, a coworker told me his household motto:  “No regrets.”  From school grades, to hobbies, to any decisions and or their consequences, conduct yourself in a manner so that when “it” is done, there are no regrets.  The maintenance of friendships and a reasonable pursuit of amusements definitely fall within that motto.

The general plan was similar to the last, but in execution it was compressed a bit.  Atlanta traffic preempted a possible visit to Decatur CD, and musical disinterest abbreviated an otherwise opened conclusion to the evening.  Ah, but in between… the joy of beer, echoes of “Morrison’s Lament,” our own lamentations the forthcoming extinction of CDs in the next 3-5 years, recollections of The Who in concert, the diminishing skills and increasing prices of veteran rockers, favorite concerts, and kindest regards to St. Bernardus, who saw us through the evening.  Hover over the images for further descriptions.









All in all, the early exit to the show worked well, as St. Bernardus, while quite agreeable, played to a much faster pace.  And, after all, it was a work night.

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