A 50 lb Rifle with $40 Bullets

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I enjoy occasional target shooting, with pistols or rifles.  I’ve had an interest in guns since I wandered what is now Star Fort finding civil war musket balls and otherwise roaming the woods around my neighborhood with my friends sporting Daisy BB guns.  I’ve toyed around with guns as an adult, but never gotten serious about them as far as studying ballistics, collecting, or even better shooting results.  It’s just fun to shoot, though admittedly more fun when I hit the target.

I’ve watched enough movies and TV to wonder what it might be like to shoot an AK-47 or a Tommy Gun (or, a turret on a Battleship).  Sniper rifles… well, sure, but it takes a more practiced hand, a lengthy gun range, and an accompanying budget.   I just like to shoot.  I don’t like to spend tons of money on it.

Some, however do and will. 

A related article states that this .90 caliber rifle, of which 3 were made, has a 2400 grain bullet, propelled by 240 grains of powder. As such it’s comparable to a World War I-era tank round or a 20mm cannon (think WWII fighter planes) in terms of kinetic energy.

Watching the video, I don’t know that it would be fun to shoot.  And given the careful filming involved, I’d speculate that the broad side of a barn at which they may be aiming didn’t suffer for their experience. 

Favorite feedback comment on YouTube:  “Chuck Norris has a derringer in this caliber.”

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