Barker’s Red Hots – Roswell, GA


I’m not in the habit of eating hot dogs.  My wife doesn’t like them, and, as she usually does the grocery buying, they rarely gain entrance to my home.  I’ve had the $1 hot dogs at “convenience” stores, and… it’s fuel of a different sort.  The price is right and gotta run...  But given a choice, I’d much rather have a hamburger.

So, on my way to Pint Night at a nearby IMG_2073Taco Mac, I passed Barker’s Red Hots.  I’d seen the sign before, but the name suggested cinnamon candy.  Or, whatever, because I’m driving and can’t pause to read the details.  This time, though I did, and decided it might be a fun add-on, especially as there were no dissenting votes in the car with me.

First, their menu has items other than hot dogs.  Hamburgers, sandwiches, and, well, that’s about it.  If you go to a hot dog restaurant, you really shouldn’t expect health food (they do have a veggie hot dog).  Also, sausages are available, as they’re presented in a bun, it’s just a different species of hot dog to me.

I haven’t worked downtown, but I’d guess that their menu is greatly expanded from their street vending operation that has continued since 1984.  This is their second “bricks and mortar” location, which opened this summer.

With some input from the guy at the grill, I ordered a Jumbo “All Beef” Barker’s Red Hot, with fries, and a small drink.  I’m not one who is into abundant toppings on a hot dog, so other than ketchup, I added their own hot sauce, a spicy mustardy blend with pickles (or relish?) included.


The hot dog was grilled slowly and scored as it was cooked.  It was very flavorful and better than any hot dog I that I can rememberIMG_2074 having an opinion about (none).  The ridged fries were slightly over-salted, but were fried fresh and slightly crunchy, which I liked.  The only negative on the experience was the $8.53 price tag.

The environment?  Minimalist Jersey shore retro, perhaps.  With a 22’ ceiling without much sound absorption, I’d imagine it would be a very noisy place if it were crowded.  I suppose I went on a slow night, as they were staffed with a “Five Guys” (actually, 4 guys and a girl) team that each had their specific duties. 

Would I try it again?  In the right mood, sure, and, of course, with the right company.


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  1. Grilled flank steak too! Ooops. Talking about hot dogs. ;-) May have to pay them a visit. Dogs are rare around these parts and the buns are rarer. Thanks for posting the menu!

  2. You must be from the South.