DragonCon – Day 2

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The Eureka/Warehouse 13 Crossover Panel was of more interest to my wife.  As seems common with shows, there was great camaraderie between cast members, and Colin Ferguson (Sheriff Jack Carter) is the extrovert around which the planets align.  Favorite scenes, what ifs… the usual questions, enjoyably answered.  It also highlighted celebrity fascinations with twitter, an instant feedback mechanism.


Afterwards, I ventured off to a panel which I had a strong suspicion would not disappoint.  When first announced, I was Borgninesurprised to find out that Ernest Borgnine is even alive.  At 94, he not only has appeared in seemingly everything when I grew up, but he still works, seemingly in great health, currently providing the voice for Mermaid Man in SpongeBob Squarepants cartoons and working with other projects.  While his hearing is suffering, he had fairly deep recollections of working on McHale’s Navy, The Dirty Dozen, and even Airwolf.  He brought stories of Lee Marvin and other costars, respected and fairly presented.  But as actors often resemble their parts, his focus seems to have always been to do whatever is needed to entertain; he’s not been beholden to his own celebrity.  Besides that, he seemed to be a kind person, and he greatly appreciated a full room of fans who there to appreciate him. 

The worst part of Saturdays at DragonCon is the crowd.  The parade draws many who buy passes for the single day, but much patience is required between sessions.  It’s difficult to get from Point A to Point B… or to make time to eat. 



With some time before the next session, we ventured into the Exhibitors area.  I have a number of pictures HERE of items being sold.  The exhibitor area includes 3 rooms that would best be moved to a less central location than the Marriott, such as the Westin.  In any case, here are several favorite pictures.


This model of the Enterprise is fashioned perfectly, with options on lighting and internal details.  It’s $5,000, but some people pay that for art, which is what this is.  Clothing, be it T-shirts or Costuming apparel, account for roughly half of the vendor space.  But when it comes to being attracted by pretty lights, light sabers do the trick.


The third panel of the day was by iconic painter Boris Vallejo and his wife, Julie Bell.  They have a long history of painting fantasy covers for books, calendars, prints, posters and similar.  Theirs is a true partnership, IMG_5416which was expressed both in terms of love and never having been apart since their marriage a decade ago.  Vallejo was entertaining in recounting his start in the business of illustrating 12 refrigerators overnight, complete with open doors and contents.  Bell’s included an interest in art and science, but also highlighting her bodybuilding career and current fascination with wildlife.  It was interesting that their styles can merge to complete each others work, in addition to their children taking on the night shift for rush work.  Like Whelan and other artists, they credited Frank Frazetta as a major influence. If you click on their names, you’ll see various pictures by each. 

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