Bele Chere 2011

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My wife attended the Bele Chere festival, in Asheville, NC, several years ago.  She returned with tales of music, arts, crowds, and odd goings-on.  With that seed planted, I went with her this year when the opportunity arose.  The concert lineup had some name recognition, and Asheville is always a pleasant city to visit.

Writing a blog has made me think about what it is I’m thinking about from moment to moment.  This could be conversations, distractions, news, or something I see.  Regarding the last, I don’t often go out just to take photographs, but when I do, it’s amazing how many times I see something, think about it in some specific way, and then realize later I could have taken a picture of it.  Asheville was full of missed opportunities in this regard.

Still, a blog isn’t just words, and it isn’t about pictures.  It’s about thoughts that probe and surround life experience.  I’ve assembled more of the pictures (and fewer of the words) to capture the Bele Chere festival.  If you click on the "magazine" below it will open full screen, with arrows on the edges of the pages to flip them. You can click on a specific page to zoom in, and again to zoom out. I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Pretty slick! I am looking forward to when I go later in the year.