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I’m keeping up with a good number of developments in the music industries these days – the “iCloud,” the death of music subscriptions, Kickstarter, Pandora, Slacker, Spotify… whatever.  CD stores are dying, radio stations play pre-programmed drivel, and Idols reign rather than musicians.  In the internet age, when we’re swamped with mass communications, it’s getting harder and harder to find music I like.  And buy it.  In a CD package (…he said knowing his backlog of CDs to review is growing).

I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to buy CDs, or whether I’ll have to buy .mp3 or other digital formats, or whether I’ll just rent the access to music and it will play on whatever device I happen to have handy.  

Research is a edifying, guessing is fun, and luck is a blessing.  And so it happens that I decided to check out the new (free) Apps in the iTunes library to see what’s catching the popular buzz.

Songkick Concerts?  Hmm.

Get 100,000 concerts in your pocket!  Songkick allows you to track your favorite bands so you never miss them live.  The app will scan your music library and create a personalized calendar based on your bands and your location.

Well, now.  Okay.

[connect iPhone, download app, install, disconnect iPhone, then forget about the App completely until lunch the following day].

What an App!  Songkick delivers the utility of its concept while maintaining ease of use, which should be the goal of every App developer.

Songkick quickly scanned the couple hundred artists I have on my phone, filtered content to the Atlanta metro music scene, and built the following lists, each in an intuitive graphical interface: 

  • A chronological list of all concerts for “my artists” in the Atlanta area.  You can bookmark those to a separate list for those you plan to attend.
  • A daily summation of all concerts at all venues in the Atlanta area by day and location, including small bars to which I’ve been and others of which I have never heard.  Got a friend coming to town and looking for a show?  Handy, indeed.
  • A “What’s New” list of  “my artist” concerts that have been added within the last 36 hours.  I was alerted to a Lindsey Buckingham concert a day before it hit any of the local media announcements, including the Ticketmaster newsletter.  (Sorry Lindsey, you’re not worth $45 for the cheap seats… never mind the junk fees).
  • An editable list of all the artists that it pulled from my phone.  It even places labels on artist names to indicate those currently on tour.

Songkick also includes maps to the venues and links to purchase tickets.  Now, if only it made the concerts cheaper…

This site gets a tidy sum of hits daily, and it’s fair to say that I’m not sure who my audience is. But if you’re drawn here for anything music related, get Songkick (also available for PC and Mac on the web).

5 of 5 STARS

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