Global Warming Part 2

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As I have mentioned before, I’m skeptical that “global warming” or “climate change” is appreciably affected by human endeavors.  Lengthy periods of global warming or cooling have occurred throughout the millennia, during which there was 1) an significant human population and 2) no industrial pursuits that elevated our presence beyond a warming fire and a cook pot.  It is obvious that natural forces were responsible for past periods of significant climate change, but in an age where we still can’t make a local forecast accurately, it seems strange that we insist that natural forces are not the cause behind relatively short climate aberrations in recent years. 

But, constant change is here to stay, and I’m open to the possibility that the very recent population explosion and that our waste heat and gases could represent new variables into the Great Thermostat’s programming. I’ll keep an open mind and keep reading about the subject, if only to be proven right.  Or wrong. If I live long enough. 

Back to those natural sources as potential causes...  Last time I poked around on the internet, I couldn’t find compelling references that sunspots or solar flares have direct correlations to periods of climate change on Earth.  But, from a common sense perspective, I have to think the sun would have to be the leading contender.  It’s our solar system’s heat lamp, after all.

The video below piqued my interest.  It’s unfortunate that it’s length isn’t edited down to the 4:00 or so of salient content it offers.  Instead, one has to continually suffer through the fawning of the interviewer to hear what Dr. Piers Corbyn, an astrophysicist, as you’ll hear repeatedly, has to say about his methodology.  As quirky as he seems, the factors he includes in his forecasts seem quite reasonable.

For full disclosure, I will note that I found this video on a website that was linked from another page that had a link…, anyway, originally from a website that focuses on energy resources that I read periodically.  The video’s home, I have found, belongs to a website that focuses against arguments of manmade climate change, a view which Dr. Corbyn shares. 

If you’ve bought into the newscasts and choose to ignore the possibilities beyond the human-CO2 tether, that’s your choice.  But even if (a big IF) every scientist doesn’t bring a financial or or other bias to their assumptions and methodologies, the results are what they are, and they’ll be used by those who tend to shepherd and publicize arguments that support their own ends. 

More about his forecasts and views can be read at

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  1. The references are the tough part. I know that I watched some shows on the History channel this past weekend that focused on global warming. These were the old shows that were dragged out and shown during a time period no one would be watching. By old, I mean they focused on man creating global warming and with the hyper "we are all going to die" sentiment.

    But there was one that discussed how the lack of sun spots created a mini-ice age and that man's influence would create a the opposite. If I'd known you were posting this, I would have paid more attention!


    FWIW, the chaos theory pretty well explains why one can't correlate weather activity with man's existence or activity. I am a believer in chaos. :)