Fringe Watchers


If posted on Facebook, the video which you’ll eventually scroll to would be just one of any number of YouTube migrations to entertain and be dismissed.

However, by posting a video here on my blog, it’s elevated to “serious” status.  Yessiree, don’t think a minute that I’m just filling in a blank space in my uneven attempts to post “something” twice a week.  Nope, this here’s serious stuff.

Ever watch Fringe?  You know, that odd show about FBI agents who investigate unusual happenings?  No, not X-Files!  This isn’t that old 90’s conspiracy claptrap; these are evolved investigations that could only happen after almost 20 years of special effects advances.  As I said, serious stuff.

Anyway, I like Fringe far better than that 90’s imposter, if only for the quirky ensemble casting and the willingness to move beyond the boundaries of the conspiracy theorist fringes.  Eh, something like that.  Never mind the compelling drama that has been blended into episodic tales of earthly and alt-earthly woes.

In any case, those who follow the show know that there are Watchers out there.  Like the rest of the cast, they’re quirky, too.  They’re bald, expressionless, and conservatively dressed, much like Clemson football fans who only faintly remember football greatness.  They usually just stand there, IMG_0570watching.  Please, don’t regard the fedoras as a failure for remaining inconspicuous.  Every teenager and Mad Men fan knows that classic hats are now hip.  Just visit your local Target. 

But as they’re going about their Watcher business, they often are blended into the crowd… just innocent bystanders at a spot where all perceptions of scientific possibilities are warped, if not trounced, and the extraordinary unfolds.  I wonder if the use-them-and-lose-them actors who appear in the opening scene or later on the cadaver cart consider an appearance on the show a help to their career. 

Off subject!

Crowds, yes, the crowds!  We’ve all been in them. Who the heck are all those people?!  You know someone is in there, just… watching.  Well, you should know.  And if you don’t, you should be watching more closely.  Yes, you should.  Scientific anomalies abound, if only you watch carefully

Having now successful extrapolated what could have been a very simple Facebook post to sufficient blog length (with dazzling pictures), I present to you a most curious event from 1928.

Is that really a cell phone?  Read the person’s lips.  They’re saying… “Yes.”


  1. Weird. Perhaps the mysterious cell phone man is a Watcher. I'm just guessing.