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I loved my iPhone 3G.  Sleek, black, spiffy apps, over 1,000 songs at the ready.  But I went out and bought an iPhone 4… which I love.  The old 3G?  Not so much.  But I have enough fond remembrances that I can’t just toss it in the timagerash, and while there are recyclers out there, those take more effort than I want to spend.  eBay?  Meh.
Hey, how about using it as a paperweight as a remembrance of all those good times we had together?   No.  If anything, I’d risk condemnation by advertising the wasteful consumption of Western life.   I’m sensitive to such things. 
So, what to do with it?
Welcome to the adult version of the Island of Misfit Toys, aka the junk drawer. 
Over the past several months, 3G had managed to avoid the snares of ghouls and demons that haunt the dark recesses of the drawer, that place where bad things happen to formerly good things.  As such, 3G was abandoned in its crypt, but not quite forgotten, due to infrequent openings of the tomb.
During a lunchtime discussion, a coworker mentioned as a means to sell “that which deserved better.”  So, I went to the site, very quickly found my iPhone and version, selected “good” condition, and received a quote for $78.00.  Yep, $78 just sitting in my junk drawer.  I could debate that 3G was actually in excellent condition, because, you know, I loved it and I take care of the things you love.  But $78?
Sign me up.
But wait! There’s more.
Gazelle offered to ship, for free, a box in which to package my phone, which was itself pre-labeled to ship, you guessed it, free back to them. 
It took about a week for the free box to arrive, and of course I cleared all the memory and restored 3G to the factory bare bones setting just in case I was falling into the hands of professional identity thieves.  Add a little plastic wrap, and off it went.  Bye, buddy.
E-mail communication followed, acknowledging receipt, followed by another indicating QC was taking a look at it to make sure that it worked.  Of course it did.  But I couldn’t help but wonder about the honesty of the receiving party, as I’m not quite in the habit of sending something valuable away in the mail for the promise of money later. 
More good news in that department.  To my surprise, I received another email indicating “that the market values on which we base our offers have gone up, and you qualify for the Offer Protection on the iPhone 3G.”  Translated, I got an extra $15 bucks.  Plus, I opted for an extra 5% bonus by taking an credit rather than cash.  Total: $98.
Suddenly, I wish that I had an abundance of electronics to send off for cash, but, alas, my junk drawer is aptly named.  There may be more profitable ways to sell an old phone, but I’m sold on Gazelle*.  Maybe you will be too.
*This is not a paid endorsement, though I did, happily, get paid.

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