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I’ve got to hand it to Apple.  Even if I don’t want something they make, I still find myself giving it full consideration to see if maybe, just maybe, I could justify wanting it for some reason.  Based on my own experience with the iPod and iPhone as well as my coveting of my daughter’s spiffy Macbook Pro, I’m victim to my own inherited goodwill towards whatever they tell me I need.  But a new iPhone?  Please.  I’m not done with my “old” 3G. 

  1. Apple’s big sell: I don’t care about Facetime (video-calling).  I’m content to talk with people; I don’t know that I’m comfortable having to 1) make sure that I’ve brushed my teeth before calling or 2) be politically correct about the image that I’m presenting throughout the conversation.  I’m sure there is appeal for Gen xy&z, who likely threw out Pandora’s box years ago. 
  2. I don’t care about “Retina Display – the highest resolution ever seen on a phone.”  Whatever.  Google will make one better, then Apple will upgrade it, then…  bah humbug. My 3G looks just fine. 
  3. I don’t care about multitasking.  When it comes to using an iPhone, I pretty much have a one task mind.  I’ll either talk, search, read, or play a game.  That’s quite enough.  
  4. HD Video. Really?  Even when I had younger kids, I never found that much that said “I better film this.”
  5. 5 Megapixel photos.  And I thought the pixel wars were over.  I mean, it’s a phone.  Snapshots are fine.
  6. App folders – What? Organizing icons by screen is too confusing for some?  I somehow need all my games in a “Games” folder?  Mr. Jobs… give me some credit.

Get the point?  So why then would I want to upgrade over the internet only to be told that the system is unavailable?  Why would I want to call AT&T only to be told that their customer volume is excessive and that they’re unable to take my call?  And why would I then want to suffer through 2 hours of waiting my turn and through “system issues” at an AT&T store for something I could walk in and purchase next week?

Well, I’ll tell you why.  Picture #1:  Store Manager and key assistant texting (or playing Doodle Jump?) in between their apologies for the delays.


Picture #2: Unmanned “customer service” terminals.


Yeah.  I ordered an upgrade to stick it to the MAN!!  If they’re gonna get my money, they’re going to pay for it!


1) Facetime - I’ll give credit to Apple for including the Satchmo “When You’re Smiling” tune with their promotion; it takes the new and wraps it around the sounds of the old and familiar. Dang it.  I can’t be mid-40’s and say “no” to a new way of doing things.

2) Retina display – Who am I kidding?  I can’t stand to watch the non-HD channels on my plasma, never mind watching an old box TV.  Sure, I’m a high def snob.  Bring it on.

3) Well, you know, there are those occasions when multi-tasking might be nice.  I don’t want to hurt my brain, so I’ll at least consider this all the way up to, oh, maybe… double tasking.  Ah, to possess a nimble mind.  I rock.

4) HD Video.  Well, at least it’s there.  Heck, it’s in my Nikon, so why not my phone? 

5) 5 Megapixel photos?  You kidding me?  Anyone (and there’s like, 9 of you) who follows this blog knows that I can’t write a blog without a picture.  And the maxim is true – the best camera is the one that you have with you.  This is a major motivation for the upgrade.  The 3G camera… well, I try to keep this a polite forum.

6) App folders – Yeah, okay.  Directories just might be a better idea than the scattershot icons that I never manage to place exactly where I might look for them.

In Steve Jobs I trust (for consumer electronics, anyway).

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  1. And how sorry they must be about all the problems with pre-ordering yesterday. Seriously - it made all the newscasts. Now that's some good PR that doesn't cost you a dime. Cause, like, all those folks are going to say, "Never mind"? Yeah, right.