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Sure, it was a new to me as well.  But, for a drizzly Sunday, I was happy to accompany an old (but young at heart) college friend to the 10th GI Joe Action Figure and Toy Show held here in Atlanta.

I don’t know if many saw an irony, but for an event where grown men attend a show that 51% of the population might consider to be about dolls, signs indicated that another group was also in residence. Hmm.

Well, first, it bears noting that GI Joes are not dolls.  It’s clearly stated in the name of the event that these are action figures.  I myself had a Spiderman action figure once upon a moon, but would never have been caught dead playing with a doll.  A critic, necessarily female, may try to equate the two as often and annoyingly as she might like, but guys understand the difference and refuse to point fingers at our brothers who enjoy them… because we know they’re action figures!

The show primarily includes dealer tables, which, as expected, would feature GI Joe action figures, their action garments, their action accessories, their action military vehicles, and, of course, replacement parts.

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Not surprisingly, the audience was almost entirely male, except for dealers’ spouses and daughters.  All generations were present, but most tended to be in their 40’s – 60’s, now in the prime of their Joe purchasing power.  One dealer (and they came from as far away as Minneapolis) stated the obvious, “Go ahead and look.  Relive your childhood.” 

A fine example:

Movie and TV Greatness, plus the Kiss guy.

We have above C3PO, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Jamie Sommers (Bionic Woman), Steve Austin (6 Million Dollar Man), and Gene Simmons, a 70’s assortment of Superstars.  But that’s not to say that GI Joe’s were not in abundance.

GI Joes

Another aspect of the Show was what we males understand to be dioramas.  These are clearly something completely separate from doll houses, because doll houses are occupied by dolls and dioramas are occupied by expertly placed, static representations of action scenes using action figures.  Each Joetlanta features a different hand built diorama, and below is the 2010 entry:

And here is an action scene within said diorama:

Go, good guys! Some people spend lots of $ on their dioramas, and this was just the place to buy some very spiffy hand built models as below.


Not impressed?  Let’s zoom in for the finer detailing:

It’s not all for the adults, however.  Quite a few youngsters were lugging bags of “stuff,” Boy posing with a very life-like action figuresufficient evidence that the older generation is preparing the younger in the joys of action figures

Other than the $6 price of admission, did I fall prey to the enticements?  Action figures?  Comics? Old board games? Plastic model kits? Well, not really.  The few toy robots on hand weren’t quite spiffy enough, but I did score a couple cool refrigerator magnets.

Just groovy.

More pictures can be seen HERE.

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