Left to Right, Part 2

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Blogging isn't something I necessarily make myself do, but it's something of which I always have to be mindful, both in frequency and content.  CD Reviews... easy.  Activity related items... easy.  Opinion? Eh.  Politics? Meh.  Life observations? Sigh.

At its best, the intent to write something keeps me thinking about what I observe, do, feel, care, or otherwise think about the "whatever" of life.  I occasionally collect stray thoughts for later use, and I frequently take pictures of something mundane with a general notion that it might be useful later. Thus, we arrive at...

Exhibit A:  Hopefully without getting too personal, here's my bed.

Ah, a made bed!

Exhibit B: The following morning.

The unmade bed. Ugh.

Eh, okay.  So what's the context?  

Possible themes emerging from these pictures might include such notions as entropy, keeping up appearances, exposing the true face of reality, blah blah blah.  Or, they may just make clear that "this guy is pretty much out of blogging ideas."  *pauses to consider this...but continues on*

But, if you sleep with someone, you may have a hint as to what this about.  The left side of the bed is my side.  My wife sleeps on the right.  We must respect each others' sides, because if it's smaller than a king size bed, I'd prefer to sleep on the floor.  And have.

Exhibit A represents the perfect world.  Aside from the bed being made, there is balance.  Just look at the bedspread.  In marital terms, you might consider this 50/50, give and take, ying and yang, compromise, sharing.  I could launch on those themes.

But, it's still not clear from the unmade bed in Exhibit B as to what I'm getting at, so I'll continue on with, you guessed it, Exhibit C:

My side, the exposed left side, the very side to which I'm entitled while respecting my wife's right to the right side, is in a state of un-bliss.  If you will please refer again to Exhibit B, you will see that my wife stole the covers.  Again.

And this is why I bothered to take the pictures.  Ah, the possible themes!  A successful marriage requires an attitude of giving 100%! Or, possibly, "it's okay honey, it's one of those quirks I love about you." Or, ramping it up a bit, the bedspread shift is a metaphor for fighting those battles you can win and living with those you can't.  Or, I could risk riling my wife and those of her ilk by relating it to the injustice to the meek by their oppressors.  And so on.

But, instead, and in a progression of sorts from my previous post, I'll simply default here to the pedestrian observation that with each waking day, the covers have moved from left to right.

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  1. Sheila ~ Ultima MomJanuary 25, 2010 at 1:43 PM

    Haha! Love it! My husband will ask why I always take the blankets away from him at night. I tell him I don't take them, you push them to my side. It's an ongoing silly thing we tease each other about. Here is our attitude with it all (as you quoted), "it's okay honey, it's one of those quirks I love about you."