Black Friday

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I haven't been in the mood to write of late, not that things aren't percolating that will find their way here.  The title above might suggest that I'm ready to launch into the economic weathervane of retailer profits or, more cynically, the official kickoff of the call-it-anything-but-Christmas season. 


I got up early on Thanksgiving to go buy the newspaper ads.  I say that because I read the news on the computer, and it was solely for the ads that I ventured out.  $2 for ads.  Go figure. But I'm not the only one.  The convenience store was almost sold out.  In any case, the ads were soon sorted into a short stack of possibles and a large stack of no interest.

Friday, to give credit where it's due, the alarm clock did its job, ringing brightly at 6:00 a.m.  After appropriate assault and battery, we arose at a more reasonable 8:30 a.m., and shortly headed off to my wife's favorite shoe store... for jeans.  After waiting in the checkout queue, we found ourselves, or, more specifically, the brand of jeans, victim of the fine print in the coupon.  What to do?

IHOP.  That's the International House of Pancakes. 

My wife and I have seen the Roswell, GA area grow and change over 20+ years, longer for her.  This location of IHOP remains distinctive compared to current genericIHOP - Roswell, GA styling due to it's faux-chalet styling.  Well, okay.  It has a steeply pitched roof.

In any case, it's a comfortable place for comfort food.  As expected, early bird shoppers can't live on bargains alone, and the restaurant was full... but without a wait.  Inside, there was a certain warmth to the temperature that spoke of hot chocolate on a cold day, though that week of the year isn't due until mid-January.  Better, there was a slight haze at ceiling level, not the stinging or choking type, but one that carried the pervasive odor of eggs, bacon, sausage, and syrup.  Ah, syrup.

I opted for the Harvest Nut & Oats pancakes, eggs over medium, crispy bacon, and a perfectly carbonated Coke on the rocks.  A winner.

We left two high schoolers at home, snug in their beds, and both will be leaving home soon and sooner (respectively).  I don't dwell on what life will be like as empty nesters; I prefer to live in the now.  I can't recall specific times that my wife and I have been to that IHOP; it's been reliably good, but there are no special memories. 

This time was no different as breakfasts go.  We didn't have particularly meaningful conversation or come to any aha moments in our relationship.   But then, maybe I did.  Maybe the setting and the food started my thoughts down a certain path, but real comfort can easily be overlooked in the familiarity and common interactions in a relationship.  We're blessed in so many ways, but it was as good a time as any to appreciate that after 22 years of marriage, we're solidly in the black.

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  1. Hi Reese,

    I used to go to IHOP with my family for their pancakes (with lots of syrup!) but during this year's annual Black Friday outing, we kept in mind that the company has been exposed for food safety issues and animal cruelty in its supply chain and ended up opting for another breakfast place. For more details, please check out:

    I just wanted to let you know about what's going on at IHOP. I truly appreciate your time and hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!

    God Bless,

    Emily Spivak