Act Your Wage


Fortunately, I have "only" three TV's in the house.  One of these is in glorious HD, awaiting a decent movie on DVD, the return of Castle and Dollhouse, or the upcoming (properly HD formatted) football season.  The other two TV's are generic archaic monstrosities that actually have depth to their cabinetry but somehow manage to provide an adequate TV image... good enough for my kids at least. 

Beloved Comcast has provided two digital converters so that these TVs can once again access more than 20 or so channels due to the "upgraded" digital network.  The math works out perfectly - two TVs, two free converters.  If I had any additional TV's, I'd have to lease additional units ($1.99 ea/month) which can add up.  Admittedly, a slight increase per month isn't that noticeable, but the accumulation of all the increased costs of living is.  A penny saved is a penny earned, and it seems most of us are paying closer attention to our pennies... this year, anyway.

But we budge the pennies we spend, and they add up nicely, until a dreaded day comes when the unexpected steps in and bites.  Did I mention my new home air-conditioning system?  Things start off shiny and new, then they tend to disorder, and, finally, after a period of time, they cost you. 

Fortunately, we can turn to our government to make order out of the entropy of life.  I, regrettably, did not have a clunker of a car to trade in for a $3500-$4500 credit on something new and spiffy.  My daughter would love new and spiffy, but she isn't getting it.  Which kind of aggravates me.  In that We the People just spent $4 billion bucks on a program that gives a particular financial benefit to only certain citizens, I'd like my equitable share, since we're all equally obligated to pay for it, by receiving the same accommodation. 

I have in mind a "Cash for Clunker TVs" program.  My old sets are hefty Sony units, the picture's are beginning to get fuzzy, and their screens are not properly sized for the HD ratio aspect of the now and forevermore.  I certainly wouldn't expect that much cash for each TV.  But, gosh, that price range could very suitably replace both of them.  Revenues from my purchases would benefit Best Buy (...sadly, it's too late for Circuit City. Uncle Sam, where were you?), their investors, State sales tax revenues, and foreign manufacturers (oops, shouldn't include that, but the car program wasn't limited to domestics).

Actually, it's good to support foreign manufacturers.  After all, they hold a tremendous amount of We the People's debt.  The recent Office of Management and Budget statistics show that the Government this year will spend $30,058 per beloved household.  (Thanks!)  And they do this while only taxing me cash-register$17,576.  (Cha Ching!)    The remainder of $13,392 (and I still want $4k of that delivered to me in a form of a TV voucher...) goes to China, Japan, or anyone else stupid enough to buy American debt.   I guess if their own national banks tend toward defaults, we can always wire them bailout money and send the bill later.

In trying economic times, there's one message that just about every business and family has paid attention to:  Act Your Wage.  Whether or not one follows The Dave Ramsey Show, the logic makes sense, and the failure of all our elected representatives (trulyDave Ramsey a non-partisan incrimination) to spend responsibly is just as shameful as any Ponzi scheme, investment fraud, or cable bill. 

"Government" sounds very clinical when viewed as The Great Provider for funding all things, but for the unlucky middle and upper class, paying for it bites.  Does anyone even look at their paycheck deductions?  Elected representatives may have good intentions for monies spent, but ultimately, their ridiculous spending is as self-serving as any adult who lives off a credit card, living a lifestyle greater than their income allows.   Politicians? They do it in part because they can; they seemingly have no debt threshold.  But they also do it because it gets them reelected.  The power, influence, and wealth associated with political office cannot possibly be disassociated with the fact that they are obtainable without ever having to worry about paying the costs.  The American Experiment, per Alexis de Tocqueville's predictions in the 18th century, has failed. I would like to say that We the People deserve better, but we do not.  We deserve what we elected, and the bill is past due. 

(...begins mumbling and making angry gestures while drowning himself in drink.  Ah, Coke Zero ftw!)

coke zero


  1. At least there is a cash for clunkers appliance program coming to your neighborhood soon. I plan to use it to soak those who got their car clunkers. I paid for that. They should pay for my new washer and dryer.

    Coke 9 is an interesting beastie. Quite good very cold, and even better with dark rum. Don't let it get too warm! LOL!

  2. My personal beliefs are that there should be term limits on every seat. Also, though they should receive a paycheck just like anyone else, that their health care costs, taxes, secret service, and travel expenses should be taken from it just like everyone else. If they had to actually pay for everything they get for free now, they might actually get a clue as to how the typical American feels with 25%-50% of their paycheck being taken with taxes and health care costs. In addition, if they knew from the get go that they were only going to be in office for a limited amount of time, maybe, just maybe they could concentrate on actually governing instead of their next election run.

    Oh and by the way.... I am telling Tyson. LOL.