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I have the iPhone 3G (not 3Gs), which has a 2.0 megapixel resolution.  For candid photos in good light, it's adequate for most needs, despite a lack of zoom capability.

Any picture can be further edited on Photoshop or similar software on a home computer and returned to the Camera Roll, but there are options within available iPhone Apps that perform many edit functions suitably.  There are, of course, a wide variety of competing Applications that perform similar functions, and there may be others that are better.  But following are some that I've used and enjoyed.

The basics:   Photo fx ($2.99) provides a variety of pre-determined filters that convert your photphoto fxo to certain "looks," such as with a soft focus, night vision, sepia, black & white, etc.  Most of these include slider handles where you can further adjust the default effect.  More universally needed, it also has a useful cropping function that takes only a short time to master.

Cool fx ($0.99), made by the same vendor,cool fx has a wider  selection of default filters that can be applied, and should meet most needs.


Simple:  While I was in Death Valley, I wanted to take a 360 degree picture of the horizon, and I used Pano ($2.99) to do it.  After taking the first picture, it will provide a ghost of the right hand side of the  previous picture, so that as you take the next, youPano can align the previous image with the next shot.

This worked fairly well, despite not being able to see the screen due to the fireball in the sky and the loss of effectiveness from merging so many frames into one.   That said, it worked well enough for a rather extreme application, and works very well for when only merging 2-3 frames.  The following was one picture, but I had to split it into two for display here.

 Left half, 5-6 adjacent pictures merged.

Right half of the picture.  Yes, that's the top of the car.  It was 110 degrees and I was in a hurry!

Fun - Why not take any photo and turn it Postman into a faux postcard?  Postman ($0.99) does just that, and includes a built in facility to either save the "postcard" or mail it - by posting the picture on a variety of services or emailing it directly. 

Postman offers font and colorPostman options for text on both 'sides' of the card.  Hopefully, updates will include the ability to move the placement of the text on the picture, or to crop a preferred portion of a photo for the main picture.  Perhaps a future version would also allow the stamp postmark to indicate the city from a current GPS location.

The App currently cannot successfully post to Facebook, something which they're working on.  But photos can be uploaded directly via the Facebook App, so it's not a great loss.

Fun:  ...and possibly useless, but I've really enjoyed Color Splash ($1.99).  This App converts a photo tocolor splash Black & White, and provides a surprisingly intuitive interface for "coloring in" any portion of the picture to its original color.  By zooming in on the picture, quite an acceptable level of ease and accuracy is allowed to "stay within the lines."  Make a mistake... press a button and trace back over it with b/w.

The Cards Night Vulture on his perch. My wife's jewelry doesn't need this App to dazzle.


St Simons Lighthouse Emphasizing a good college choice.

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