Celebrity Campaigns, Pt. 2

Well, the Prez Prediction was intended to be my last political post in a sequential theme, but... I can't help myself. I've certainly been collecting a list of other things that have been on my mind. But, for now... I must exorcise the demons that the season has thrust upon me.

This (regrettably, in a way) is an easy target. I grew up watching TBS, Ch 17, usually when I came home from school: "Gilligan's Island," "Andy Griffith Show," "Scooby Do," etc. made for a great afternoon if I wasn't told to "Go outside and play!" The Andy Griffith show was not one of my favorites, but I'd watch fairly frequently; perhaps it fell between better shows. I remember that the guy who whistled the theme tune (Earle Hagen, a quick internet search reveals) visited my school, and for several days my neighborhood buddies and I spent some time trying to whistle the theme as expertly as he did. Not even close.

Later in life, I'd watch "Happy Days" and "Matlock" as they originally aired and go to the theater to see "Splash," "Cocoon," and "Apollo 13," among others. Each of these include either Ron Howard or Andy Griffith either acting or directing.

So, it's only natural that I would have a measure of curiosity about a political activism video featuring these "characters" who have amused my life over the years. On top of that, throw in Arthur Fonzarelli for free.

Condensed message: "Vote Change!" If anything, one might suspect that W is running for re-election instead of McCain, who as often has been meddlesome to Bush as a supporter of his policies. Regardless of your political views, this video just reemphasizes my recent Celebrity Campaign post. Henry Fonda, he's not.

Let's see now... Because Ron Howard made the supreme sacrifice of shaving his beard and donning a hairpiece (or two), and, possibly, with the response of tugged heartstrings for fictional characters long past, I should vote with Opie (and Richie) for his candidate of choice.

Howard, Winkler, and Griffith are using their celebrity and media opportunities to get involved for a better tomorrow. I get it, and I respect it...

...to a point. But, given the weight of responsibility he feels to personally get involved, is too much to ask for, oh, I don't know... substance? Perhaps he could speak to which particular failed policies he has in mind, why we should consider them failed, who is actually responsible for these failures, and how the proposals of any given candidate are indeed solutions that are worthy of support.

Again, it's great to be involved, but... does anyone actually pay attention to this stuff? Is America better off if our elected representatives are voted in based on the influence of the gravitas depicted here? Or is Howard assuming that it's so incredibly obvious which is the superior candidate that any examination of the issues is not needed? (In which case, there is no point to his video. This would be a great condescension on his part; I prefer to think better of him). Or, is this subconsciously a play for a wink and a pat on the back by his buddies at the club?

Shallow, elitist, or self-serving... Well, Op, here's a big *hug* for ya.


  1. And I give you.... The Gubernator... Nuff said...

  2. I loved the Opie clip. Where in the world do you find this stuff? RFurr