Donavon Frankenreiter - Pass It Around

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The titles of some CD's kind of make you wonder. "Pass it Around," eh? Donavon's sound is consistently mellow, laid back, and smooth, in many ways similar to his friend and fellow surfer, Jack Johnson. This CD is so smooth, you don't know whether it's the groove of peace, love, and liberalism that is being passed around or a joint.

Whichever, it all kind of fits. The prior options are worked throughout the songs, and I have no doubt DF has enjoyed many a joint. I mean, just listen to the music.

Following the superior "Move by Yourself" CD in 2006, this release is a bit of a disappointment. There is no artistic growth, and, if anything, his style has settled so far into "mellow" that one song becomes the next becomes the next... the lyrical content, which is decent at times, gets lost in the groove.

The prior release suffered from the same problem to some extent, but it was the funkiness of the groove that made you want to move a bit, rather than slide more comfortably into your chair. Still, there's nothing bad here, but I had hoped for more, or, at the least, some of the same zip.

For whatever reason, the artist requested no embedding of videos elsewhere, but if you click >> HERE <<, you'll go to youtube to watch his latest single, which is also heard in Hilton commercials. The video appears to be done on the cheap. Again. "Move By Yourself," from the previous CD, can be heard >> HERE << for comparison.

Suggested Tracks: "Too Much Water," "Mansions On the Sand," "Someone's Something"

Rating: 2 Stars

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