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My second Radiohead concert was my son's first concert experience. I'm not sure how he'll remember it, but probably awkwardly in that he didn't share in the brews, cigarettes, and profanity-laden admirations that surrounded us.

When I began going to concerts (Doobie Brothers, 1979), I recall the age group being no more than 10 years older than me. Radiohead, it can be said, is also enjoyed by those soon to be "elderly." For some, I can't imagine what enjoyment was to be had, as it was a standing affair throughout for all there.

Radiohead is a band built to rock, and completely firm its desire to separate from traditional rock forms and experiment. Some may view it as avant-garde or perhaps pretentious. I view it as enjoyable, but it's a type of music that doesn't lend itself to a jam, singing along, or dancing. So the judgmental factors come into how tight the band is, and how the songs are presented. The stage had a dazzling movement of lighting, with dangling strips upon which lights shown in all sorts of colors and patters, backed by a widescreen panel of five cameras showing what each band member was doing. Visually, it was very enjoyable and orchestrated to match the mood and tempo of the music.

What did I learn about Radiohead? Nothing I didn't learn the last time. Yorke has a sense of humor, but comments to the audience were disappointingly few. The band was on its mark, however, when it came to playing the music.

My son enjoyed the show, and hopefully he'll be a concert buddy for a long time to come.

Set-list: all i need, there there, lucky, 15 steps, where i end & u begin, nude, pyramid song, optimistic, arpeggi, national anthem, idioteque, you and whose army?, reckoner, everything in its right place, bangers 'n' mash, bodysnatchers, videotape.

Encores: the gloaming, talk show host, just, faust arp, how to disappear, paranoid android, house of cards.

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