Delta Rae - Live at Terminal West

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Sixth time seeing a band? That's a record for me, one that will likely increase the gap over whoever is #2.  Seeing them now is less about watching their growth since Asheville's Belle Chere festival in 2011.  They're older, writing about more complicated things.  Maybe they've lost their innocence, but in no way have they lost their enthusiasm.  They've persevered through life and the grand politic of building a career, including inadequate record deals.  But they're here and still going strong.

Delta Rae
So I can't say enough about how special their recordings are.  The band can write to any subject, and they build beautiful music around it.  But, they're what a fan carries with them when they can't see Delta Rae live.

Live, that's the thing.  Personalities explode, the pieces join together in a spiritual way that can't be decoded by bits and bytes, the stage is for one and the stage is for all.  It's a six member band that says "family" heedless of DNA, and they "carry their fire" through the precious moments and the theatrical ones.

Britney Holljes
Elizabeth Hopkins

Yeah, I'll stop wringing the prose.  This is a band that everyone should see live, and get there early enough or pay a ticket price to get close to the stage.

Ian Holljes

Eric Holljes

Touring guitarist Ellen Angelico, who added brought both swagger and a punch to some of the band's songs.

These two have each others' backs

I can't find a setlist anywhere, but below are the songs I (think I) remember.

  • Morning Comes
  • If I Loved You
  • Bottom of the River
  • Dance in the Graveyards
  • Run
  • Outlaws
  • Any Better Than This
  • Hands Dirty
  • All Good People
  • The Wrong Ocean
  • You Can Tell Him

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