Holeman and Finch Cheeseburger

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Some years ago I started searching for burger joints around Atlanta, for personal curiosity and to satisfy the protein cravings of my T-Rex who was attending Ga Tech at the time.  Atop many lists was the Holeman and Finch Public House cheeseburger.  The problem was that they only served 24 burgers a night, and that after 10:00 p.m.  So the reviews explained that people essentially camped there hours ahead to ensure a burger.


This runs contrary to the intentions of the owner, who didn’t want the burger to overshadow their other fares.  I’d imagine that, for a small venue, having people hold tables for hours wouldn’t help the sale of anything other than beer.  Maybe that’s okay, because drinks are more profitable.  In any case, they folded and now offer the burger on the regular menu. 

T-Rex left town, but I brought her little brother and another friend.  Fortunately, seating can be had in the bar area rather than waiting hours for a table.  This allowed a view that confirmed that that the owner’s fear was correct.  Given the option, most people order the burger.  



The result?  I’d have to say it’s a hype burger benefitting from hyper Keynesian psychology.  Reduce supply to practically nil; increase demand.  It’s not a bad burger, but when it comes to thin patties with limited condiments, it’s not a huge difference between this and a Five Guys burger.  You can argue freshness, blends of meats, etc., but… it was a fine burger and not particularly remarkable in any way.

Which also begs a partiality to burger styles.  A little research shows some of the varieties that can be found, but I’ll separate them into thin crispy patties and juicy thick tavern burgers.  I enjoy the the thin ones double stacked, but my preference is always for a tavern burger.  My favorite currently?  “Dan’s Pimento Burger” at Alpharetta’s Hop Alley, certified Angus beef topped with house-made pimento cheese, fried onion, and a sweet house glaze with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and pickle… for $3 less than the more renowned H&F burger.


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