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I’ve searched the title of this blog a number of times over the years, always finding threads where Google points at Microsoft or vice versa.

If you found this page and are a bit frustrated, there is great news!  Microsoft, the absentee owners of Windows Live Writer, finally yielded the code to the aggravationOpen Source community.   The short of it is that the new equivalent, Open Live Writer, has Google’s OAuth 2 authentication system, which means… the software will synch to Blogger as it should, without you having to figure out where to find that dang link is to generate a one time “app password for less secure software.”

Announced Dec. 9th, Open Live Writer works now, and I trust that it will only get better.  You can read more about the technical details and download a working copy (for free) at the .NET foundation.

This whole “issue” for bloggers is somewhat stupefying.  First, that across blogging services, there are really very few blogging options when it comes to third party software choices.  I’ve tried several, they all have various shortcomings so that no one is fully satisfied – and generally suffer for lack of updates.  Where Windows/Open Live Writer shines is importing and placing images, which is more complicated or inconsistent in other software.  It seems like competition would have netted a better product by now.

The second surprise is that Microsoft essentially let it go for free.  There are many who use this product, and it’s surprising that someone somewhere had not offered a few bucks for it… a while ago.  I’m not complaining with this good news.  My blogging is likely to increase now that I have a way to write that is familiar and compatible to my needs (and works).

I don’t blame Google, whose free Blogger service I use, for improving their authentication systems.  However, for a company that profits from their search engine, I’m surprised that they hadn’t devoted some attention to improving thier own direct blogging interface at the Blogger site, which has a bare minimum for WYSIWYG entry. 

Whatever.  I look forward to seeing the software evolve, finally.

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